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Bathroom Architecture

Bathroom Architecture

Faster, brighter, louder… Our modern way of life takes its toll. No wonder we all long for tranquillity and surroundings that infuse us with new energy. In bathroom architecture this yearning is quite apparent.

The simpler the design, the more diverse the possibilities and with all the choices on the market today shopping for fixtures and fitting, never mind accessories, for your sacred haven can be a daunting experience.

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Showering is most certainly one of the best ways to start the day. However, a shower can be just as invigorating or relaxing at other times, like after a hard day’s work, after exercise or whenever you feel like it, as it is one of life’s few simple pleasures. No matter your tastes, there is a shower out there for you…

Whether you want to turn your bath into a bath-come-shower or you’re looking to renovate your existing shower there is a door or enclosure out there that’s for you and most companies will custom make it for you if need be.

Say goodbye to conventional shower heads and welcome to sleek stainless steel designs. These days shower heads come in any shape and size you can think of, from a giant square head to the ingenious round rainmaker.

Showers use about a fifth of the water of a bath. 


Back in the day, a bath in a home was considered an item of luxury and was only found in hotels and the homes of the rich and famous. But today, a bath tub is an integral part of most homes, so much so that many homes have more than just one. In addition to being highly functional and allowing you to be clean, it also makes for a wonderful place to relax. They come in a variety of types to suite every home.

Built in baths are very popular in most homes and come in various shapes, sizes and materials. Drop in baths are built into the floor and are at ground level. Another example of a built in bath is a corner bath.

Freestanding baths work best in bigger bathrooms. The taps are usually mounted onto the side on the bath or on the wall. Shower baths are typically found in smaller bathrooms as they combine the two functions while saving the homeowner space.

A spa bath or jet bath will help turn your bathroom into a sanctuary of health and relaxation. Tension and stress is melted away by jets of water massaging your body and in turn reduces muscle and joint aches and pains, therefore relaxing, mind body and soul.

The trend is towards squared-off basin design, but for baths the bigger the better, try for a bath length of at least 1 700mm.


Your day usually starts and ends in the bathroom, therefore, it is essential that you choose a style that is both functional and comfortable. As with the other fixtures in your bathroom there is a wide variety of basins available. From materials like ceramic, acrylic, wood and glass there is a variety of types such as; pedestal, drop-in, freestanding and dual basins. The ideal height for a basin is 800mm, but your biggest decision will be on how to mount it: floating basin, on a counter, recessed in a counter or on a pedestal.


Never has sitting on the throne been so stylish. Today toilets are equally as important a part of the bathroom design as basins and baths. There is impressive range of modern toilets on offer for a stylish finish to any bathroom. Toilets can not only contrast in design and look, but can differ in size, their flushing options and the shape of the bowl. Another distinction is the toilets designed specifically for handicap needs.


Design plays a pivotal role in home décor and no longer do you have to put up with boring taps in your bathroom. Covering traditional, modern and contemporary styles there is a tap out there for you. By simply changing the taps in your bathroom you can give the bathroom a new look.

To keep the look simple choose a pop-up plug, which is tidier than a plug and chain.


The variety of bathroom tiles out there is mind-blowing and it’s easy to be overwhelmed when selecting the correct options that will suite your bathroom and your style. Ceramic tiles are the most common, but there are a variety of other materials used for tiling, such as; porcelain, terracotta, glass tiles, sandstone, slate, marble, etc.

The most effective way to seal a bathroom is to tile it from top to bottom. Here the tiler plays an integral role, as well as a quality tile and tile grout. On the floor of your bathroom a non-slip stone or terracotta tile is good. Wider grouting can improve grip, as can a mosaic finish.

Create your own mosaic design for a truly personalised effect.


Your bathroom is a place of relaxation and therefore, the lighting should not only be functional, but should create a tranquil atmosphere. It’s quite important that the lighting at the basin and in storage areas are adequate enough. A dimmer will be a great idea if you want to change the lighting to contribute to the mood. Be sure to use lights that have been specifically designed for bathrooms, other types are not waterproof and could be dangerous.

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