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Kid's Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Kid's Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Decorating a kid's bathroom is a fun endeavor for many reasons.


The kid's bath in your home should include color.Try enlivening neutrals with contrast, such as pairing deep chocolate brown and pale sherbet pink, or paint stripes in a jaunty pattern. Older kids should be involved in the decision-making process, but add your own limits as necessary. If they choose lime green and purple and it sounds appalling to you, try a compromise that suits everyone: white upper walls, violet below the chair rail, and fluffy towels in shocking green.


A pretty ledge above the sink is a handy spot for toothbrushes and drink cups. Plastic bins for toys should be close to the tub. Install pullout shelves lined with colorful cups and bins in the vanity cupboard so it's easy to tuck away hair ties, brushes, and sprays.


Motifs can be a fun way to make a bathroom kid-friendly. Try incorporating the logo from their favorite snowboard company or the colors of the basketball team they follow. Select a motif that will go the distance with your child as he or she matures such as a general natural, sports, or outdoor activity theme.


Finally, think long-term when decorating a kid's bathroom. As much as we wish it, they won't be this age forever. And their passion for a cartoon character will wane -- maybe as soon as next week. Avoid investing in a scheme that looks outdated and childish by not letting their current passions set the tone.


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