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Tips on making a small nursery feel spacious

Tips on making a small nursery feel spacious

When a new addition arrives into to a family they not only bring so much joy and love but also financial windfalls. So expectant parents often have to make do with cramped quarters when the baby arrives.

This really isn’t a problem as your bundle of joy doesn’t need a lot of space,at least not for a year or two. Not until that toy collection gets out of hand. But if you want the room to feel a bit bigger there are a few tricks you can use to add the illusion of space and to make sure you’re using every square inch to its best potential.

The first step is selecting the right furniture. Buy only the pieces you need, no extras. This might be difficult as there are just so many cute pieces out there and a lot of companies offer entire sets of baby furniture. Just keep telling yourself that you don’t need the entire set. Instead, try to find unusual pieces or things that serve double duty. Get creative. When placing your furniture, angle the pieces. This creates more visual depth and gives the room dimension.

Floor space is going to be taken up by your essential furniture pieces, so use the wall space creatively. Place bookshelves on the wall rather than on the floor. Take full advantage of every inch of closet space for storage. A cluttered room looks small and cramped; keep your toiletries hidden or in the bathroom and toys at a minimum.

Without a lot of clutter or baby accessories, a child’s room can look bland; use your colour scheme to boost the WOW factor. Selecting a white or light colour will visually open up the space and brightly coloured accessories prevent it from being too serene. Hang mobiles from the ceiling, select an interesting light fixture, and purchase an interesting throw rug. Also a coloured painting on the wall will liven up the space.

Adding visual interest to the top of the walls or the ceiling will also draw the eye upward and give the illusion of height in the room. Wallpaper borders are popular, but a shelf running along the top, decorated with baby toys and accessories serves double duty. It raises the visual interest above eye level and gives you a little extra storage.

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