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Options for Doors and Windows

Options for Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are often referred to as the eyes of the home, giving a clear vision of the life inside. In South Africa, we are enjoy a lovely climate and therefore, its ideal to let the indoors and outdoors flow into each other. It’s no surprise that large glass doors and windows in eco-friendly materials are all the rage.

Keep the material that you use for windows and doors similar, as they compliment each other and give a feeling of harmony.

Material Choices


Wood has been the most common choice for making window frames and doors for centuries as wood as a construction material has highly efficient insulating properties. Wood is six times more efficient than brick, 15 times more efficient than concrete, 306 times more efficient than steel and 1770 times more efficient than aluminium. Therefore, wood is by far the best building material for your home, allowing you to spend less on heating and cooling your home, thereby doing your bit to save the planet.


This is the modern alternative to wood and is ideal for the coastal regions, as it is relatively maintenance free and won’t rust. Aluminium is lightweight, strong and durable lasting for many years.


Steel is mostly used for security purposes, as it is an extremely strong and durable material. Glass can be used extensively in thin steel window frames due to the strength of the steel.


Is a very popular, as it lends to the bringing the outdoors indoors living trend. The glass used for doors and windows should be at least 6.38mm thick and places that receive very cold winters and bitter winds should consider double-glazing for insulation. Glass gives the feeling of space and allows plenty of natural light to fill the home.

The hinges are vital components to the overall function of the doors and windows and will prevent a door or window from opening too wide or slamming shut. Latches and handles that match the décor are excellent finishing touches.

Window and Door Trends

Sliding doors and windows are very useful in areas with limited space for them to swing open easily. This is also ideal for areas that are interconnected as it gives the feeling of spaciousness.

For front doors the trend is towards larger sizes, i.e. 2.4m and 2.6m. Pivoting doors are also gaining popularity as these large front doors are heavy and hinges can’t handle the weight. A pivot balances the weight on one side of the pivot against the weight on the other side.

Folding stacking doors are also quite popular as they allow the doors to be stacked to one side of a large opening, contributing to the continuous flow between inside and the outdoors.

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