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7 Makeovers You Can Do in 1 Day

7 Makeovers You Can Do in 1 Day

White space allows for creative solutions,the secret to this subtle yet super-stylish wall treatment.

They can be  installed in a single day using adhesive caulk. A Belgian-linen slipcover by updates a standard  sofa and delivers a soft dose of color.

Bring Polish to a Plain Mirror

Even the flimsy dormroom staple graduates to grown-up decor with a stick-on frame, available in 20 styles.

Convert a Basic Butcher Block Into an Outstanding Bar

Elevate just about any surface—a cutting board, a serving tray, even a door with a set of easy-to-install, boldly hued aluminum legs.

Think Outside the Box

Who wants to display an unsightly carton of safety matches? Instead, pair your candles with this objet d’art: a reclaimed apothecary jar, with a hand-etched bottom for striking.

Make Rugged-Chic Tiebacks

Interior designer Annie Selke dreamed up this frill- (and drill-) free way to corral drapes: Just combine a swiveleye snap hook, key ring, and cord.

Redo your dining room!

A witty,stain-resistant slipcover turns a cafeteria-style folding table into a trompe l’oeil take on a fine Chippendale antique.

Beautify a Bed Frame—Fast With an Adhesive.

An adhesive vinyl wallcovering creates the illusion of a luxurious, tufted headboard. Complete the look with a mix of linens in graphic prints and cool tones.

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