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4 Steps to Arranging a Beautiful Coffee Table

4 Steps to Arranging a Beautiful Coffee Table

Here is a step-by-step plan for turning your coffee table into an eye catching,clutter free space.

Step 1: Start with a tray.

A piece that mimics the shape of your table helps organize items neatly and acts as a pretty layering element.Then, anchor the opposite corner with an oversize book to balance out the tray.

Step 2: Zero in on the remaining corners.

Envision your table in quadrants and aim for rough symmetry along the diagonals, facing off with lidded boxes corralling necessary odds and ends: remotes, matches, cards, etc.

Step 3: Just add personality.

Set out things that will spark curiosity and conversation, like a collection of glass bottles. Plus, when you top stacks with an interesting object,a large book or a pile becomes a pedestal.

Step 4: Finish with organic details.

Plants or flowers give life to any surface—literally!Place an orchid off-center for a casual look.

One last thing: "Don't overdo it—a coffee table should have plenty of space for cups of coffee!"

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