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How To Position Your TV & Stereo Attractively

How To Position Your TV & Stereo Attractively

Choosing where to place your television and stereo system is as important as selecting the equipment itself follow a few  guidelines to make sure you get the best out of these home-entertainment.

Positioning the Stereo :

The operating height of the stereo is an important consideration. You should position the system either low enough so that you can kneel in front of it or high enough for you to stand comfortably while loading CDs.

Some storage units include room for speakers, but while these look neat, they probably don't give you the best sound quality. The most effective position for the speakers is on the floor or high up on a wall in a corner of the room. Here, the sound output is reflected by the corner walls and the floor or ceiling. If this is not possible, the next effective option is to position them on the floor or near the ceiling against one wall. The further the speaker is from the corner, the more the sound is reduced.

Positioning the TV:

Your television should be easy to view from the most comfortable seats in the living room, but it shouldn't dominate the room. You can meet both of these conditions by placing it on a cart or keeping it in a cabinet or cupboard with closing doors.

However you house it, do make sure that it is on a stand of some sort or placed on a surface to keep it off the floor. The recommended minimum height from the base of the set to the floor is 48in (120cm). This allows you to maintain a good seating posture while viewing. Unfortunately, some commercial stands are much lower than this, forcing you to crane your neck forward or slump in your seat in order to see the screen.

Make sure the television is positioned so that there is minimum reflection off the screen from both the window and any lighting. At the same time, though, it is a good idea to have some lighting near the television when viewing, as looking away from the screen from time to time helps to reduce the eye fatigue caused by focusing on it for a long time.This relief is most effective if you look at something of a similar brightness to save your eyes from having to readjust to different levels of light.

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