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5 Ways to Make a Garden Look Larger

5 Ways to Make a Garden Look Larger

You can use this bit of trickery to your advantage. If you're saddled with a teeny backyard and size matters to you, we've got five good techniques for making your landscape appear larger than it really is

1.Use Color Wisely
By installing warm colored plants near the central focus of your yard, usually the house, you'll draw attention to it. Installing cool colored plants along the borders and edges of your yard will create the illusion of distance and your yard will appear larger as a result.

2.Texture is Your Friend
Like color, texture can also create the illusion of distance.  By creating a textured visual line away from your garden's focal point, with the coarsest plants nearest the center and fine-textured plants farthest away, you can create a false impression of distance. The eye of the beholder will be fooled.

3.Turn Japanese
The brain perceives small objects as farther away in relation to larger ones. By simply placing larger objects close to the viewer and smaller landscape elements beyond, you exaggerate the illusion of perspective. As ­a result, the perceived distance between the objects becomes larger (as does your yard). The Japanese also employ bonsai miniaturized plants to alter perspective as well.

4.Think Vertically
Take care in choosing tall trees, however. Trees' growth habits can take different shapes, such oval, round, upright or conical. Some trees will grow outward as much as upward, a characteristic you'll want to avoid with a yard you're trying to make larger. When adding height in a small yard, you'll want upright and oval plants that will sacrifice the least amount of available space.

5.Accept Your Limitations
A small yard doesn't mean landscape elements have to be excluded; it just limits the size of those elements.If you're limited in yard size you might want to pass on a huge pond and waterfall that takes up most of the available space. Instead, try a bird bath on for size or install a small water feature. A landscape element that's proportionate to the size of your garden might not make it look larger, but it won't look awkward either

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