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D.I.Y Water Fountain

D.I.Y Water Fountain

Love your home, but always thought the front yard was pretty dull. We basically have all grass in the front yard, and a little planter area right next to the walkway.  It has always had a pine tree and some scraggly bushes.

Love the sound of fountains and   have wanted to add a fountain for a really long time? The problem with fountains is that they are really expensive. No problem now you can D.I.Y



- Here’s what you need:
- Ceramic pot.
- 5-gallon bucket.
- Aluminum L-brackets
- Screen material.
- Submersible pump, hose and if you want — an attachment for fountain spray.
  outdoor plug with GFCI

Here’s what you do:
- Dig a hole to bury a 5-gallon bucket in your yard.
- Cut aluminum L-brackets to fit over the bucket (these will carry the weight of your pot and   water for the fountain).
- Use wire cutters to make a square of wire mesh material to fit over the pot with a hole in the middle for the pump hose to go through.Covered the mesh with some smaller window screen material to keep debris from falling inside of the bucket.
- Put the pump on the bottom of the bucket. Rested the pump on a plastic tupperware container filled with rocks. This keeps the debris that is collected at the bottom of the pot from getting in the pump.
- Run the tubing up through the mesh and through the ceramic pot above and attach it to the Nozzle kit to the top. Used rocks to hold the tubing in place at the bottom of the pot. Also run the tubing through a length of PVC pipe to keep it straight. Optional paint the PVC pipe black to match the tubing.
- You need silicone caulk that is made to withstand water. Apply the caulk and allow it to dry according to the directions before you get it wet.
Then add water, add power and you are ready to go!!


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