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Bold Make-over

Bold Make-over

Who says black is boring?Combine a neutral palette with modern black kitchen cabinets and vibrant home accessories to create an unforgettable look.

Back in Black

Not all retro is good retro. When these homeowners bought their 1950s brick ranch, they encountered dated ribbon-mahogany woodwork. Instead of gutting the kitchen, they decided to salvage the kitchen cabinets by sanding and painting them a sophisticated matte black. They then updated the kitchen and dining area with light trim and walls against dark details, providing a neutral canvas for pops of bright colors such as apple green, sky blue, and chili-pepper red. To add seating without eating up space, they installed an overhanging countertop supported by brackets. This creates a bar-style hangout spot for little money.

Counter Clutter

Giving old cabinets a fresh face is a great way to recycle and save money. It's also important in small kitchens to get appliances off counters to free surface areas for cooking. Here, a built-in shelf keeps the microwave handy and opens up valuable storage space.

Smart Shelving

Angled shelving is the perfect spot to show off unique accessories and personality. The shelves are backed by birch-motif wallpaper to add interest to the display space. Modern accessories, such as a black bird statuette, serve as playful accents for the faux bois wallpaper. The bright apple-green coffee cups add color to the space. Bright colors work well when used sparingly and consistently against a neutral base.

Hip Hardware

Vintage cabinets often sport hardware in odd sizes. Replacing outdated cabinets and drawer pulls with bendable modern hardware that adjusts to fit existing holes is a simple alternative. New interior hinges and tiled backplash the same color as the cabinets continue the clean and contemporary look.

Bright Colors

The black, tan, and white background in the kitchen is a calm foundation that allows for bold color choices. Choosing colorful elements that can be changed as trends come and go is the easiest way to vamp up a room. Here, apple-green pillows spice up the neutral dining space.

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