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Neutral living room ideas - 10 of the best

Neutral living room ideas - 10 of the best

A Contemporary wood-effect living room,elegant,wood-effect wallpaper is much easier to hang than real cladding.

The grain pattern draws the eye up, making the ceiling feel higher.

Japanese-inspired living room

This simple sofa typifies the quiet, unobstrusive elegance of Japanese design. Its low shape and soft lines create a peaceful presence.

Bright and luxurious living room

An ornate chandelier and gilded mirror against a pale backdrop give this living room a luxurious feel.

Coastal-inspired living room

As a place to chill out, this room is hard to beat. The understated coastal atmosphere - created by the grey and white-painted flooring, open beams and deep linen-covered armchair - makes it ideal for quiet contemplation.

Pastel living room

Fresh lemon-coloured walls and sorbet-shade modern furniture make a subtle but stunning statement in this living space. A run of fabric covering one wall of the staircase offers a bold and unusual finish.

Neutral Moroccan living room

This living room has references to traditional Moroccan reliefs and patterns, which are quilted, blown up and realised in 3-D. In a neutral palette, any mix of statement geometry and materials feels calm and cohesive.

Neutral eclectic living room

Colour and comfort are vital ingredients in this living room. The rug and the sofa are contemporary features, while the ornate chandelier and gilded mirror add a vintage-feel.

Pop art living room

A large L-shaped sofa gives this spacious living room a cosy feeling. Contemporary artwork adorns the white walls creating a quirky vibe.

Fun contemporary living room

This spacious room is ideal for informal gatherings before dinner, and the sofa can be wheeled away for parties. Bold and quirky cushions give the room a hit of punchy colour.

Natural living room

Brown curtains and faux-fur furnishings help to soften the all-white look. The wooden floor and stone shelf under the log fire add a natural feel.

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