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All about electric fences

All about electric fences

With the South African crime rate at an all time high, one can never be over protected. An electric fence is an option when it comes to selecting your home security system and protecting your possessions and loved ones.

The electric fence was initially invented to restrict the movement of animals, but since then the security industry has improved on the technology and developed it into an effective security system.

A basic system consists of wires fitted on insulators and powered by an energiser. The energiser is a transformer which converts low-voltage current to a higher-voltage current, delivering a substantial and most uncomfortable shock to the person touching the wires. The energiser won’t kill the person touching the wire, but will pulsate on and off continuously, therefore termed a non-lethal electric fence.

Energisers must be SABS approved and must conform to strict legislation to prevent accidental death.

Visual Deterrent
Simply having a good electric fence installed will prove to be a definite visual deterrent to would be intruders. Having an electric fence will most certainly give you a distinct security advantage to you neighbours.

Shock Value
If the electric fence is correctly wired and the right size energiser is installed, the high-voltage shock experience will be of such a magnitude that it will immediately deter the intruder from trying to enter the premises.

Sound the Alarm
If wired correctly, the electric fence will sound an alarm when the electric fence wire is cut or shorted, serving as an early warning device, giving you time to call security before the intruder enters your house.

Your electric fence can be linked to your existing rapid response security service provider, a signal can automatically be sent to them should the fence be cut or shorted.

By installing a correctly fitted electric fence the chances of a criminal gaining access or making a quick escape are reduced. Therefore, the maintenance of your electric fence is of utmost importance.

Regularly check the electric fence connection for any faults

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